The problems are not rooted

The problems are not rooted in one area. Linemen have been pushed off the line of scrimmage, linebackers have struggled to shed blocks and backs have missed tackles in the open field. Players at all three positions have looked tentative on blitzes, though line coach Angus McClure said that the Bruins have had success pressuring […]

The problems are not rooted in one area. Linemen have been pushed off the line of scrimmage, linebackers have struggled to shed blocks and backs have missed tackles in the open field. Players at all three positions have looked tentative on blitzes, though line coach Angus McClure said that the Bruins have had success pressuring the quarterback even if it wasn’t reflected in traditional statistics..

With regional director Grey Sowler barking out commands, the Angels break down into six member teams. Schulte or Murdock serves as the director of the Minneapolis Angels chapter, but he doesn’t lead his team tonight. That’s left to a young, bearded fellow who calls himself Sarge.

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