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In 2010, the riders enjoyed a long descent into a finish in Modesto off of Mines Rd. This year, there will be no such luxury. Mines Rd. Before leaving his ocean view plot, I asked Van Der Kar about the future of the California avocado farm, and what could be done to ensure its long […]

In 2010, the riders enjoyed a long descent into a finish in Modesto off of Mines Rd. This year, there will be no such luxury. Mines Rd. Before leaving his ocean view plot, I asked Van Der Kar about the future of the California avocado farm, and what could be done to ensure its long term survival. “You can never stop expanding,” he replied. “You need to always be growing.” Even as production per acre improves, his becomes an increasingly difficult stance to take in California, a state where water supplies dwindle, land prices escalate, and the plight of the small farmer darkens in the shadows of new producers overseas..

Kristen Murphy, a student in the Professional French Masters Program, spent a fall interning at a vineyard in France Bordeaux region. News and World Report, which lauded its goal introduce practicality, or at least employability, to the liberal arts without losing those disciplines focus on intellectual skills. Also been a boon to the study of French at UW Madison.

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The last lifestyle change I made occurred the last week of class after watching “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”. I started to remove all juice from my meals. I have always known that soda is extremely bad for a person’s health, but I wrongly assumed that juice was not as bad.

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Had the opportunity to speak with Toby several times and lay out the process of what could or could not happen in the expansion draft. So, really, this all hinged on Toby decision and what he felt was right to do. It was totally within his right if he had chosen not to waive the no move.

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If you can get a five star player like Kalis (or Woodson), you take him. You go after him. Developing three star players is a not the way to go. People think baseball is just about hitting balls and running around bases and all that sweaty stuff. But don’t you ever wonder why curve balls curve, sink balls sink, and why aluminum bats may equate to more home runs than wooden bats? If so, join Alan Nathan, professor emeritus of physics at the University of Illinois, for his lecture The Physics of Baseball. Wednesday at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Education Annex, 123 Grant Ave.

Wood still has three more years of eligibility, and I believe will eventually be used as a tight end. But after offseason shoulder surgery, he wasn’t able to get as strong as the coaches would like for that role. He’s such a good athlete, Rodriguez just wants to get him on the field in some capacity.

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On Nov. On Nov. 19. Investigators have no suspect information at this time.Police are investigating a double stabbing at 12th Street and Wyoming. It’s unknown how serious the injuries are at this point. Wednesday evening at a local gas station in the area.

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