Established early 1994, Sportex Sport Stores has started its business activities in a very distinguished showroom in a Abu Dhabi Tourist Club Area, as a retailer and distributor of prime European brands, such as Le Coq Sportif (France), Erima, Uhlsport, Erhard, Fashy, (Germany) and Hummel(Denmark).

From the year 2000, till 2005 Sportex has sponsored the famous soccer club Al Wahda, by providing the Club by all its needs from the Soccer School to the First Team, and has implemented a very aggressive marketing plan for the club fans, by importing the famous “Calcio Swiss Watches” having the Club colors and Logo, among many other promotional items which were distributed to the club fans during the games, and all the club players and technical sta. worn during four consecutive years the prestigious French brand of Le Coq Sportif and the Danish Brand Hummel, which were produced under special orders, with very distinguished designs and incomparable quality.

Since 2002, became a licensee for Hummel, and started its own production in Indonesia, and China, which was a successful story, based on the very good finished products, and the unbeatable factor Quality & Price, Sportex has succeeded, in 2005, to win an order from the GHQ Armed Forces, to provide all the sports gears to the UAE Army units, which was renewed in 2011, and since then Sportex has launched its own brand called S-Tex, the trustworthy, and adopted brand in the UAE Army. From 1994 till 2011, Sportex was 100% owned by Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Al Rumaithy, its founder and owner, in 2011 Al Rumaithy Investment Group (RIG), has bought 25% of Sportex, to become a limited liability company.

During the last 12 years, and based on its experience Sportex Sport Stores has been very successful in using the latest and most advanced technology in the garment and fabric used in its production, as well as in its shoes production to create the most advanced products competing in this line with the known famous International Sports Brand. We have outsourced designers, and quality control sta. from Singapore to look after the production and secure the best quality and finishing to be delivered to our clients with the best of what they would expect.

Sportex Sport Stores is the successful story of what a young and dynamic entrepreneur could achieve to meet his dreams and to make them true.